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Iverson Pro, is a multi-functional production company in Rapid City SD.

Camera, lights, sound and still photography. We can completely produce your Commercial, Film, or Documentary, or help in dang near any department along the way.

Lots of Gear!

Cameras? 4K, yep. HD, yep. 10 bit, yep. Slow-motion, yep. 

Lights? LED, yep. Tungsten, yep. HMI, yep. Flo, yep.

Grip? Small but mighty, yep.

Sound? 552 mixer, 4 track recorder, lavs and booms, yep yep yep.

Our Clients

This site is still being constructed. So for the time being here is a nice picture of one of my dogs. I've worked for reality TV, major corporations, individuals and lots of small to medium sized business along the way. 

Video Sample

Here is a video produced, shot, and cut all "in house". 

Video Services

Pre Production

This site is still being constructed, So here is a picture of my other dog. Pre-pro is the homework needed to be done before the camera rolls, or gets loaded into the car, or gets rented for that matter. We believe in the importance of doing our homework.


The "fun" that most people think of when shooting a project. The gear, the crew, the know-how, yep we have that.


Edit and deliver. Yep, do it all the time. 

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Iverson Productions

1622 Evergreen Drive, Rapid City, SD 57702, US

(605) 641-3408


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